28 November 2011

28 November 2011 - A Still, Small Voice

Transfer news!
Nothing is happening!

I'm staying here in Port Alfred with Elder Felshaw for the next 6 weeks. That makes 6 months in my first area! This transfer ends on January 2nd so I am staying here through Christmas. I heard it gets pretty crazy in the Christmas season down here. I also got one package from Mom, but haven't opened it yet! Whatever it is, I'm sure it's great. Thank you!

L to R: Sister and Elder Robinson, me, Elder Felshaw,
Elder and Sister Smith, Elder and Sister LaPray
(who live in Texas near Beaumont),
and Sister and Elder Fower
But now it's the Thanksgiving season. Because Thanksgiving isn't a South African holiday we didn't take time out of our day to celebrate but after the day was over we paid a quick visit to the Robinsons and the many other senior couples that were visiting for Thanksgiving. We had some leftovers and took a picture.

We continue to have much success in finding families. One in particular I have high hopes for is the Marais family. Both the mother and father are police officers, and they are working hard to raise their young daughter to be morally straight in a crooked world. They don't smoke, drink, or swear. The parents can't always go to church because they are busy with work but the daughter always goes to church even if she does so alone. They even sometimes hold family Bible study! This particularly surprised and impressed me.

Others that I have high hopes for are the Doyi family, of whom the father is a police officer, and the Matika family (father also a police officer). When we were teaching the Matika family there was some kind of church meeting in the next door house's garage. You could hear the singing and clapping, and when a man started shouting and crying into a microphone it struck me how poetically appropriate the situation was. The world will shout and yell, but the voice of God is a still, small voice. In one house I-don't-know-what was being preached through a microphone, in the other the truth was being taught and expounded in a quiet living room.

I am very glad I can have this experience. It truly is unique and challenging. But because it is challenging, it is strengthening. If a balloon never stretches, it will remain small forever.

-Elder Tekulve

PS- I check e-mail at 2 or 3 Monday morning from your point of view, so get them in before then if you want me to reply that week.

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