29 August 2012

27 August 2012 - Plugs, Texas Spur, 125 Members

Where did August go?
Plugs in South Africa
This week is pretty busy in terms of teaching and visiting and uplifting. I am aware that most of what I talk about is places I go or things I do and not much about missionary work itself.

Rest assured it does happen, but most of the details are an issue of privacy.

So because I didn't do anything "interesting" this week, I am going to tell you about plugs.
When I first got here in South Africa I was awfully confused. They have 2 different kinds of plugs here. 2-prong and 3-prong. See the picture. 
Almost all of the wall outlets are 3 prong and you need an adapter like the one in my hand to plug in a smaller appliance with 2. So you see it can get complicated. In addition on every wall outlet is a switch that can turn on or off that outlet. To the left of my hand is a switch that actually turns on or off the (electric) water heater. It took us a while to figure out that was what it did. Electricity! (I know nothing about electricity.)

Spur's restaurants are North American themed.
I found Texas Spur
Yesterday there were more people at Sacrament Meeting than ever before. About 125. Thanks in the more part to people inviting their friends and us visiting and encouraging less-active members.

I did also get grandma and grandpa's package. There was so much stuff in there, thanks!
Well, next week is another week.
-Elder Tekulve

20 August 2012

20 August 2012 - Helping Hands Day, Marks, You never know who is watching


Where did August go?! Every month seems to go by faster.
As for this week, Elder Mamaia went home to Samoa on Wednesday so now it's just me and Elder Musimwa in Fish Hoek. Work goes on as normal.
Another problem with disasters in Masiphumelele this morning. There was a flood in one of the members homes, as well as many of her neighbors. We went there but couldn't do anything about it but call the Deptartment of Roads and Stormwater.

John asked if I planned to attend BYU when I got home. Yes, that is the plan but who knows what may pan out.

On Saturday was the annual All Africa Helping Hands day. The whole branch worked at a creche (daycare) in Oceanview, getting it fixed up. We planted a garden, made a small patio, replaced windows, put in security bars, fixed electrical problems, and donated food. Several years ago this area of Oceanview had the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world; there are a lot of children that need extra support and care.

Everybody at Helping Hands Day
When I first got here in Fish Hoek there was an investigator named Marks. He did not seem interested in keeping appointments or commitments so we stopped visiting him. But last week a member named Rose showed us a letter from Marks. He says how impressed he is with how happy their family is and how much they really live what they believe. He said that he wanted to start hearing about the gospel again and this time he will take it more seriously. We saw him on Friday and he is excited to change his life.

So remember to let your light shine. Don't be ashamed of what you believe. You never know who is watching and whose life you may change.
The garden at the creche.
This is where I worked most of the time on Helping Hands Day

-Elder Brennan Tekulve

This penguin was naughty. He tried to bite my leg as I walked past.

14 August 2012

14 August 2012 - Masiphumelele Fire, Benny & Bob's Baptism, Boulders Beach

Hello family and everybody.

Carlos Spencer, Former New
Zealand Rugby player for
the All Blacks Team
I completely forgot to e-mail yesterday. Sorry. I have a lot of pictures but unfortunately I can't send them this week due to technical difficulties. :(

I forgot to tell you last week we met former New Zealand "All Blacks" (a rugby team) player Carlos Spencer. That was cool. Also in the vein of famous people: in Fish Hoek branch is Sister Mavis Hutchinson. She was (at 53!) the first woman to run across America and has run several times across South Africa and Great Britain. She currently holds the world record for Women over 80 (she is 87) for the 100, 200, 400, and 800 meter runs. That's pretty neat.

Mavis Hutchison, fondly known as South
Africa’s Galloping Granny and resident
of Fish Hoek is, at 87, still competing in
major athletics events.
On Tuesday there was a fire in Masiphumelele. 10 shacks burned down and one of the Branch members lived close by. We went in and helped her move furniture out but luckily her shack was not damaged.

Masiphumelele Township after a fire, August 2012 

On Sunday 2 new members were baptized from Masiphumelele. Benny and Bob.

On Monday (yesterday) we went to Boulders Beach in Simons Town and saw some wild African Penguins. That was cool as well.
Well, that's about it for today as I'm running out of time. Talk to you next week!
-Elder Tekulve

06 August 2012

06 August 2012 - Masiphumelele Township

Hello family.
The Future Elder Brennan A. Tekulve
Oh yes, it's transfer week again. Did I include the news in my last e-mail? I'm not sure. Anyway, I am staying in Fish Hoek. Now instead of 2 areas and 4 Elders there is one area and 3 Elders. That means I'm a lot more busy now working in town and the township. On the 15th Elder Mamaia from Samoa will be going home then for the next 4 weeks it's just Elder Musimwa from Zimbabwe and me. Then it's transfer day again! Yay!

This week has mostly been me trying to get the layout of the township Masiphumelele. I haven't worked in a township area for 12 weeks and I'm starting to get back in the hang of Xhosa. Wish me luck. I'm not sure really what's lined up for this coming week but we may have a couple of baptisms next Sunday if all goes according to plan.

I can bear my testimony that mission has been the most rewarding way to spend my time that I've ever experienced. I have received countless blessings. Not only me but those around me and my family as well. I really know that this work and this Church is true!

-Elder Tekulve