19 March 2012

19 March 2012 - Birthday-day, Pap and Fish

Happy Birthday family! (To me.)

The beach in Wilderness, South Africa
To answer your questions: I got a valentines day package about 2 weeks ago, thank you for that. Otherwise I have not received any.

I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. The videos are very nice, even though I don't have sound right now. I would also like to thank Dad for the genealogical charts. I'll try to make something legible out of it! Haha.

Recently we have begun teaching a few families from Zimbabwe. With one of them I had a sit down dinner of pap and fish. We ate the normal Zimbabwean way. There were only 2 plates: one with pap and one with fish and veggies. To eat you just grab a bit of pap, roll it up in a ball, scoop up some fish and veggies and put the whole thing in your mouth. It was an experience. Also, even though I just met her, she gave me a hand painted Zimbabwean tapestry, made by her. It is very nice.

Pap – a porridge made from maize (corn) meal
 – is the staple food of southern Africa.

To Dad: 'Let's go' in Xhosa is 'siya humba'.

For my birthday today (well, we were planning to do it anyway) we will go North to Oudtshoorn to a game park called Buffalo Drift to do a 2 hour safari. The new couple the Richins will be coming with us. The Richins are great, they love the branch and the members already. Here's a cool fact: Sister Richins is President Spencer W. Kimball's granddaughter. On Thursday I will be having a nice birthday lunch with the district.

Well, I'm running out of time again. Next week I will have pictures of the drive and some scenery on the way to Oudtshoorn. It is a very nice drive.

-Elder Tekulve


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