26 March 2012

26 March 2012 - Two Zimbabwean Families, Transfers Coming to George

Hello family,

Firstly, transfer news. I know so far that every other Elder in George is leaving! Except for the Richins, though. I really expected that Elder Farley would be staying but I guess not. So the result is I have to introduce 3 Elders to George instead of 1. I don't yet know who my new companion will be or exactly who the new Elders are.
Buffels Drift
White Rhinoceros, South Africa
I promised to include pictures of the game drive. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries half an hour in! Before my batteries ran out, we saw the elephants (a long way off, no good pictures), the hippos, and some springboks. Afterwards we drove right by a white rhino, some giraffes, plus many more species of antelope such as the waterbuck, nyala, and an elam, which looks like a strange cross between a cow and an antelope. We also saw water buffalo. There were some Germans on the tour as well. Our truck broke down in the middle of the wilderness so it was also about an hour longer than planned. That Thursday I went to Spur (a restaurant similar to maybe Applebees) and had a nice steak for my birthday lunch. Friday President Wood visited for Elder Larrabee's last district meeting. All in all, it was a fun week.

Hippopotamuses, or is it Hippopotami?
I did get Grandma and Grandpa's packages, but not Mom's yet. Thank you for that. I also really enjoy Dad's genealogy charts.

Missionary work wise, a lot of progress is being made. Two Zimbabwean families are doing especially well. Just last night we all got together with another Zimbabwean family of recent converts and watched Finding Faith in Christ. The Spirit was strong as we testified of our message and shared the Doctrine of Christ. Gamuchirai wanted me to come to Zimbabwe to teach her kids!

Elder Chris Waddell
Member of the Seventy

As transfer day rolls around I think the same thing every transfer day. Elder Waddell last General Conference said it well: "[Our Father in Heaven] knows which mission president and companions and which members and investigators we need in order to become the missionary, the husband and father, and the priesthood holder we are capable of becoming." So if I see a potentially difficult situation coming up, I thank the Lord for that opportunity to grow.

Love you,
-Elder Tekulve

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