21 May 2012

21 May 2012 - Whitewashed In, 11 Months

Hello Family,

   Things in this area are going quite slow, I'll admit. We were "whitewashed" in, which means both Elders here left at the same time so we're both new in the area. There are many great members here that love to do missionary work and help the missionaries, so we are lucky to have them.

Yesterday marked my 11 month "anniversary." I can't believe how fast I'm getting to one year old. (I think you'll hear that more and more often in the next few months.)

Elder Tekulve and
a BYU Young Ambassador

We have a car for these next few days because the Zone Leaders left to Cape Town for Zone Leader Council, so these days will be busy. If you have any questions about missionary work or life here then you can ask them. That will give me more things to talk about!

My Wonderful Family on Mother's Day

The Amalinda Chapel as seen from our Backyard

Mossel Bay, South Africa

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