14 May 2012

07 May 2012 - Revelation

Hello Everypeoples,

Elder Tekulve with "Junior" Moyo, Sakhe, and "Kwekwe"

This past week has been pretty cool. On Monday, after praying to be led to those that are prepared, we found a very nice young family. They attended church with their member neighbors the next Sunday after we met them, and they are very interested. The wife only speaks Portuguese but we got her a Portuguese Book of Mormon. The father's name is Revelation. Imagine that.

Elder Tekulve with Ziyanda Skosana, her mother, and Sister Nxosha

There is also Stanley. He ordered a DVD from the office and we delivered it to him. Both of his parents have passed away and he has no family in South Africa. He is extremely interested in the Plan of Salvation. He read the whole pamphlet and had a lot of questions. One of them was "What do I need to do to get baptized?" Now he has a baptism date and is going strong!

This week is the week of transfers and I have my transfer news!

I am going to East London, to East London 2nd Ward. My new companion is Elder Mooki (sp?) from South Africa. That's my first African companion. And another thing: This is a walking area. Gasp.

I bid goodbye to Elder Speed this morning, he's going to Cape Town to meet his new companion. He's training a new missionary!

We went bowling last Monday

I am very excited because this will be a very different experience for me.

I also got your Easter package with everything inside. Thank you.

-Elder Tekulve

The final score

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