02 July 2012

02 July 2012 - One Year Anniversary in South Africa

The one year mark has passed. Can you believe it's been that long? I can't.  It seems like only yesterday I was at the airport in London wondering what the heck I was doing. Well, time marches on.

I am a lot more familiar with Fish Hoek even though the work is pretty slow here in town. In the last post there was a picture showing a Great White in the bay. Just last night I was in the spot that picture was taken. There's a little hut with binoculars for shark watching, and lots of very nice houses overlooking the ocean.

Standing, L to R:Elder Romney (District Leader), Elder Eddington, Elder Mamaia.
Sitting L to R: Elder Tekulve, Elder Jokonaya, Elder Musimwe.
Each Elder is standing behind his companion
The members here are very welcoming. They often invite us over for dinner and help with missionary work. Every week in Priesthood meeting we do a little missionary accountability thing about the work the members have done the past week.
I look forward to working here, hopefully for a long time.

Say hello to all the family visiting for me and tell them I enjoyed the pictures Dad sent.

-Elder Tekulve

Mowbray Chapel Brass Plaque

Mowbray Chapel - First Church owend property in Africa

Mowbray Chapel History

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