14 August 2012

14 August 2012 - Masiphumelele Fire, Benny & Bob's Baptism, Boulders Beach

Hello family and everybody.

Carlos Spencer, Former New
Zealand Rugby player for
the All Blacks Team
I completely forgot to e-mail yesterday. Sorry. I have a lot of pictures but unfortunately I can't send them this week due to technical difficulties. :(

I forgot to tell you last week we met former New Zealand "All Blacks" (a rugby team) player Carlos Spencer. That was cool. Also in the vein of famous people: in Fish Hoek branch is Sister Mavis Hutchinson. She was (at 53!) the first woman to run across America and has run several times across South Africa and Great Britain. She currently holds the world record for Women over 80 (she is 87) for the 100, 200, 400, and 800 meter runs. That's pretty neat.

Mavis Hutchison, fondly known as South
Africa’s Galloping Granny and resident
of Fish Hoek is, at 87, still competing in
major athletics events.
On Tuesday there was a fire in Masiphumelele. 10 shacks burned down and one of the Branch members lived close by. We went in and helped her move furniture out but luckily her shack was not damaged.

Masiphumelele Township after a fire, August 2012 

On Sunday 2 new members were baptized from Masiphumelele. Benny and Bob.

On Monday (yesterday) we went to Boulders Beach in Simons Town and saw some wild African Penguins. That was cool as well.
Well, that's about it for today as I'm running out of time. Talk to you next week!
-Elder Tekulve

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