17 September 2012

17 September 2012 - District Leader & A New Companion: Elder Krieger

Dear Family,
Elder Tekulve and Elder Krieger
My new companion is Elder Krieger from Draper, Utah. Yes, his name is German but he's not German for 3 or 4 generations. Elder Krieger is very similar to me. To illustrate, he's the first person I've ever met in person that has heard of Dwarf Fortress. He is the youngest of 3 girls and 2 boys, and gets mail from his nieces and nephews. I had forgotten what it was like to be young and green until I met him. Certainly the next 12 weeks will be exciting and different. Did I mention I'm also the District Leader now? There are 4 Elders in this District; the other 2 are in Meadowridge.

A picture of the Testimony meeting at the Young Mens Camp

The area has really started to catch on fire. People are bringing their friends to church left and right. Yesterday almost 10% of the people at church were investigators. I don't think I've been this busy... ever. I may have had a similar amount of appointments in Port Alfred, but at that time I wasn't the senior companion.

Here is what happened on Saturday:

6:30 am - arise and prepare
7:00 am - Be at a Stake Young Mens Camp for Testimony meeting and missionary preparation workshops with President Wood and the Assistants to the President. This goes on until 12:00.
12:00 noon - lunch
12:30 pm - prepare a progress record
1:00 pm - Correlation Meeting with Branch Mission Leader
1:45 pm - Meeting with the Zone Leaders
2:45 pm - Personal Study
3:45 pm - Companion Study
5:00 pm - Appointment with David
5:40 pm - End appointment, drive to Simon's Town
6:00 pm - Appointment with Ronald, drive back to Fish Hoek
7:00 pm - Appointment with Olwethu
8:15 pm - The other hour of companion study
9:15 pm - Plan for the next day
9:45 pm - get reports from Meadowridge Elders over the phone
10:00 pm - Give reports to Zone Leaders
10:30 pm - go to bed

This next week is completely booked until Thursday. Whew.


-Elder Tekulve
Elder Krieger (Front row, middle) and his transfer at Signal Hill.
20 Elders entered this mission this week!


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