24 September 2012

24 September 2012 - Fish Hoek & Meadowridge Attendance High, BYU

Well I just spent the whole allotted e-mail time planning my end of mission trip so I'll keep this e-mail short.

The picture is a picture of the Lord's district here in Fish Hoek and "over the mountain" in Meadowridge. From left to right is Elders Tekulve, Dladla, Krieger, and Jokoniya. That was at the first District Meeting I've given. It went quite well considering.

Church attendance in Fish Hoek continues to be record breaking with many people moving into the branch in the next month and also with many people bringing their friends to church. We almost have too many investigators to visit all of them, so the work is going great.

From only very brief and cursory glances at the BYU curriculum and know I want to apply there and also BYU-Idaho. I will also apply to BYU-hawaii but just as a backup. Elder Facer from the MTC said that BYU-Hawaii was the Celestial Kingdom. But he's an avid surfer. If I get into BYU Provo then I will start with a minor in Information Technology while I determine what I want to go on to do as a more advanced degree.

You're in my prayers every night,

-Elder Tekulve

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