29 October 2012

29 October 2012 - Baptism of Sister Berenice,

Elder Krieger looking over Fish Hoek
And now October is over too. Didn't it just start?

I forgot to tell you but last week was transfers again. I am still in Fish Hoek with Elder Krieger but now there are 4 Elders in Fish Hoek again. Elder Ramosoeu and Elder Nkosi (both from South Africa) are working in Masiphumelele and surrounding areas. Elder Krieger and I are working everywhere else. That's unfortunate to us because most of our investigators were in Masiphuelele, but I'm sure they will do a good job there.

General Conference was not yesterday but a week before yesterday and it was awesome! The Spirit was so strong especially in Priesthood session. I wrote many notes as usual and I'm already referring to them in teaching. Now there's only one more Conference on my mission.

Yesterday one of our investigators, Sister Berenice, was baptized. That was also a spiritual experience for everyone there but I think most especially for Berenice. Elder Nkosi and Elder Ramosoeu will continue to visit and strengthen her and her family.

Yesterday we helped one of the young men prepare a poster about "a unique ritual of a religion of your choice." He chose our religion and baptism for the dead. I'd say that's pretty unique! We worked for a while to get a succinct summary and explanation of baptism for the dead and why we do it. I'll tell you how it goes next week.

I'm thinking about all of you and pray for your spiritual and physical safety.

A view of the Fish Hoek Valley
-Elder Tekulve

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