02 October 2012

01 October 2012 - Heritage Day, Indexing, Sheep's Tongue

Back row, L to R: Zone Leaders Elder Lewatle,
Elder Speed, and District Leader Elder Tekulve.
Front Row: Elder Jokoniya, Companion and Greenie Elder Krieger,
Elder Dladla (whom Elder Speed trained about 5 months ago)
I'm now 15 months old! Wow, it's like we just skipped August and September, they went so fast.
In answer to Mom's question, yes I am doing wonderful and that's what you can tell everyone who asks. I wouldn't really say I'm trunky* but I do think about home sometimes as I'm sure most missionaries do.
Heritage Day in South Africa
is Spetember 24th

This week on Monday was Heritage Day in South Africa. There was a Branch Indexing activity where I tried out Indexing for the first time. I didn't know what Indexing was until I came on mission. If you don't know either, find out here.

The only other noteworthy thing that happened this week (it was a slow week) was that I went on exchanges with my former companion and current zone leader Elder Speed, held District Meeting for a second time (it's a weekly thing), and I also ate sheep's tongue. It tasted like pork and wasn't bad really but in my mind I made it unpleasant. Because I was eating tongue. Ew.

I just want everyone to know that I'm very grateful for what I've learned on mission. It would take me a long time to list every way but I can definitely say that it's been the best 15 months for my life and I expect it to continue to be the best 2 years for my life.


Elder Tekulve

* A Note from the Urban Dictionary: Trunky (2): A slang term used amongst Mormon missionaries, describing a missionary who is excited about returning home as "trunky" as he has already packed his trunk.

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