07 January 2013

07 January 2013 - Ticket to Ride, Simphiwe's Baptism

Hello Everyone

Happy New Year 2013. I guess this means my "Mission Year" is over. Lots happened in 2012, didn't it? Not that I would know, it's all just mission to me.
Thanks for sending the pictures.

This week was a pretty slow one after New Years on Tuesday. On New Years Day, like last year, we couldn't go out into our area, so we played Ticket To Ride in the morning and went to the Steenbeek's farm again in the evening. On Sunday Simphiwe got baptized. He's a great guy with a strong testimony, and possibly a future missionary (he's about 6 months younger than me).

I would like to add the CD 'Variations on a Sacred Theme II' to the top of my wishlist at the exclusion of all else. I will even pay for it if need be, I simply must have it. Something else that I think Dad or Nikolaas would like (but that is not on my wishlist) is an artist named Ludovico Einaudi. Look him up if you like ambient-type music.

Breaking News! I now know that the day I leave mission will be June 27, 2013. Because of flight times and time zone differences and layovers I will most likely be home on the evening of Friday, June 28th. It is also possible it may not be until the morning of June 29th. That makes it exactly 2 years to the day that I got on a plane headed to London, and I can give my homecoming talk on my 24th "click day" of the 30th of June.

Just as a side note: Elder Gillespie looks a lot like Keith from Humble Ward. Unsurprisingly, Elder Gillespie's sister looks like Krista.

I mentioned last week I got the Young Women's package but I haven't gotten any other post besides that. Well, I think that's all for this week. Give my love to Humble Ward and tell Elder Ballard I'm sorry I missed him. :(

-Elder Tekulve
Elder Gillespie, Simphiwe, and Elder Tekulve
Elder Gillespie, Nadia-baba (an investigator),
and his dinner.

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