21 January 2013

21 January 2013 - Bold Comic, Peggy, Primary Kids

Me, Sister Peggy, and Elder Gillespie
I have decided to write this letter in bold comic sans.

Hello family and happy birthday Mariah!

Besides transfers this week has been a slow one. Not much worth noting has happened. Transfer news is that I'm staying in East London. Elder Gillespie is moving on to an area in Cape Town and my new companion is Elder Pebe from near Johannesburg. Elder Madsen in my district/boarding is moving on to George (one of my previous areas) and is being replaced by Elder Tukuafu from Arizona (his father is Tongan).

Interesting fact that I just learned: Elder Tukuafu's brother plays for the 49ers and he just learned that his brother is playing in the Superbowl... the year he's on mission and can't watch it. haha. That makes our district now Elder Pebe and I in the driving area and Elder Tukuafu and Elder Strauss in the walking/biking area. Our Zone Leaders are Elder Moangare and Elder Simpson.
I got grandma and grandpa's package and also a package from Sister English with cards from some of my previous primary kids. That was very nice, thank you.

Oh! I just remembered something amazing that happened this week. One week ago on Monday I won Phase 10 for the first time! On the last hand I went down and out on the first turn, blowing through 3rd and 2nd place to steal the win. It was glorious.

L'├ęglise est vrai!

("The Church is True" - in French)

-Elder Tekulve

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