14 January 2013

14 January 2013 - A Tough Week, Book of Churches

I almost wrote '14 January 2012'.
This is displayed on an old library building
across the street from where we e-mail.

This week has been... a bit tough actually. I did the math and while every day was full of appointments, 70% dropped for one reason or another. That's pretty high, but hopefully next week we can teach more. What to do if appointments drop is an art learned through experience. Popular options include visiting members, seeing if investigators who have dropped appointments in the last couple of days are home, or simply tracting. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel. You bring joy to the missionaries when you refer people to teach.

This week is transfer week, but I don't have the news yet. Most likely I will be staying here in East London 3rd Ward.

Unfortunately I have not received any other packages yet.

I'm going to start keeping a "Book of Churches" so I can document all the interesting and various churches I encounter in South Africa. There are a lot.
-Elder Tekulve

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