11 February 2013

11 February 2013 - Service Week, Egyptian Construction Techniques

Dear Family,

This week has been a very unorthodox one. We did over 12 hours of service throughout the week, mostly for members of the Ward.
One interesting this we had to do was move a very heavy chicken shed. We couldn't just carry it, though we had 6 people. What we ended up doing was tipping it on its roof and sliding it along on a bamboo track. Like how the ancient Egyptians moved stone blocks around. I couldn't believe it actually worked. Otherwise it was a slow week. We spent all our time in service.

The Ward started a mission prep class this Sunday because if all goes according to plan there will be 12 missionaries from this ward out by June. And even more by the end of the year. For the class some missionaries from this Zone came up with a new rendition of our mission song. It was pretty cool, and if I can get a version to you somehow I will.

Elder Tukuafu and Brother Dylan doing service

Well, gotta go. I spent most of the time here looking for ways to make video files smaller. Bye!

-Elder Tekulve

East London 3rd Ward meets in
this chapel on Belgravia Crescent

Two Cool Dudes

I took this last night out my window.
I took over 300 pictures trying to get a good shot
and this was the best

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