11 March 2013

11 March 2013 - Being a Zone Leader, See you in 108

So this week was completely uneventful. Actually, yesterday Brother Fletcher was visiting from Boston, Massachusetts and he went out teaching with us the whole day. He is a really cool guy and a good missionary, too.

Um, I have more school stuff today so I am extra distracted. But hey my birthday is in 8 days! I don't really want anything super special. You can send snacks and goodies if you want but when we get home then we'll party, okay?

Being a Zone Leader is fun fun fun. Mostly it means if someone has a problem they'll call you. But that's okay I love being busy, it doesn't matter what I'm busy with.
I love you all and I'll see you in about 108 days! :P
-Elder Tekulve

PS- The missionary e-mail policy changed and now I can e-mail friends as well as family.

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