04 March 2013

04 March 2013 - Elder Bricknell, Baptismal Interview,

Happy March!

It is my favorite month.

I also have school stuff to do today so I don't know how long this will be. Firstly, last week I forgot to tell you was Stake Conference. Elder Bricknell gave some powerful talks on families.

This week there was not too much going on. Zone Leader Council was on Friday in which the Zone Leaders and President Wood discuss some outstanding issues in the mission. Then we relay that information on to our Districts.
Elder Colin H. Bricknell
2nd Counselor of the
Africa Southeast Area

The next day, Saturday, I gave my first baptismal interview. It is a bit odd that I've gone this long without giving one but that's just the way it turned out. It was a very spiritual experience.

We do not have too many investigators but the ones we do have are very powerful. Just yesterday we were teaching the Plan of Salvation to one of them and it made him so happy that he had finally found something that made sense to him.

The Church is true! I know that.
-Elder Tekulve

Elder Brennan Tekulve's Mission in South Africa is also recorded at:

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