26 November 2012

19 November 2012 - Zone Meeting, Thanksgiving at Panerotti's

Fish Hoek Chapel from the mall nearby
where the internet shop is located
Hello Family,

This week has been a good week. A pretty uneventful week as far as news home is concerned but a good week for me just because we were kept busy. We are starting to find and meet new people and continue to learn about cricket.

On Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference. On Saturday it was broadcast from the Stake Center in Bellville and on Sunday it was a recorded conference from Salt Lake City that was sent to all of Africa. There were some great talks given there about the Priesthood and service and reactivation.

On Friday was a Zone Meeting. Among other things I learned some news: My last day in the mission may be moving. Until now it was to be July 3rd, 2013. Because of the reduced MTC time there will have to be adjustments to the transfer schedule. It could be moving to anywhere from the 26 of June to the 17 of July. I'm not sure yet but just as a heads up there it is.

Next week for Thanksgiving we plan to go to Panerotti's with the Zone. They have all you can eat pizza on Thursday nights. Yum.
Elder Krieger,
Brennan's Companion, says 'hi'

I heard Elizabeth got baptized. Wasn't she just a toddler the last time I saw her? Or was that the other Elizabeth? I can't keep track of all my cousins because every time I check I have more. Did you know Jacob married his cousins Rachel and Leah? Just an Old Testament fact.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving week,

-Elder Tekulve


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