08 April 2013

08 April 2013 - General Conference, Mervyn Giddey

Hello family,
Elder Uchtdorf

This week seemed to be such a long week! It was transfer week and now my companion is Elder Morris who was previously in my zone as a District Leader. These past few days have been very very busy with both teaching and Zone Leader duties. Of course this week was also General Conference. As you know, missionaries love General Conference and this was no exception. I got to watch both of the morning sessions live this time, and I saw the Priesthood and one other session yesterday (see all talks here). I really loved many of the talks but one that stood out was President Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood session (see here). I like the metaphor he makes about us being spiritual toddlers learning to walk. What father gets angry at his child if he stumbles and falls? What matters is we're making the attempt, because we all stumble and fall at one time or another. I don't know at what time we'll get to watch the Sunday evening session, but I look forward to it because I know Elder Holland is speaking there (see here).
You have heard but may not have noticed the name Mervyn Giddey mentioned in the sustaining of new area seventies (see here). That's our Stake President here in Cape Town! He will be an Area Seventy in May, and he's really a great guy that will do well in that position.
I got Grandma and Grandpa's package and card and thank them very much for that. I look forward to seeing them and others when I get home in June.
My mission has incalculably blessed my life. I know that the Church is true and everything that implies. I know that the only way to have real peace in our life is to live the Gospel.
Missionaries singing the "remixed (with ukelele)"
mission anthem at the Mission Home

-Elder Tekulve


My new companion Elder Morris working on fixing
Bro. Mike's vacuum. That vacuum has been
torn apart and then taped, screwed, or hot-glued
back together more than once to get it working again,
but it still works.

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