29 April 2013

29 April 2013 - Elephant's Eye, Axl & Blaine Confirmations, Sick All Week

This will be a really short e-mail. For the next 3 days there is Zone Leader Council, an extended mini-conference thing at the Mission Home. It starts in only a short time.
Elephant's Eye Cave, Cape Town, South Africa

But this week was a strange one. My companion and I were on and off sick, sort of alternating, throughout the week. Not much happened and we were sick with various things, but in the end we're both okay now. We were well enough to hike up to Elephant's Eye, a cave near a place called Constantia. It was not a terribly tough hike, I hope good practice for Mt. Fuji. Yesterday Our 2 investigators that were baptized 2 weeks ago - Axl and Blaine - were confirmed. Now-Elder Giddey did both of the confirmations. He was/is their home teacher.
I will send a letter home. Tell me when you get it.
-Elder Tekulve

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