16 April 2013

15 April 2013 - Uncle Craig's Passing, Four Baptisms, Teaching Jesus

Craig and Mya Wright
Dear Family and Friends,
I heard of Uncle Craig's passing. That's something no one wants to hear, especially of someone who has so many young children. I will definitely keep his family in my prayers.

I don't have much time today. We went up to Boomslang Cave in Fish Hoek again. This time there were bats! That was really cool. They were very small though. That's why I have so little time today. I am so tired!

Saturday 4 people got baptized! They are Desmond, Mzwandile, Axl, and Blaine. The last two are brothers and I have taught the last 3. It was a great service and Axl and Blaine's grandma gave a powerful testimony. She is so strong but most of her children are less-active, yet she knew many of her posterity will be blessed by the Gospel.

We also taught a guy named Jesus on exchanges. He's from Angola though so it's pronounced Zhe-zush. He was very surprised by the message of the Restoration!

Well, I'm out of time unfortunately. There is a Zone Training tomorrow that Elder Morris and I are giving that will take most of the day.
-Elder Tekulve

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