03 June 2013

03 June 2013 - Hail to the acting Assistants to the President

The size of the hail

Elder Morris and hail in Athlone
I only have a short time today again unfortunately due to complicated things about stats. Firstly it was a very cold, very wet weekend last 3 days and on some places it hailed! (That usually doesn't happen this far south.) See the 2 pictures attached. I also have only 3 more p-days after this! Holy cow. I'm sorry but it was an uneventful week as far as I can remember now.

Tomorrow though we get to be "acting" Assistant's to the President. There are 4 missionaries coming into Cape Town waiting for visas to clear. The APs are in East London so Elder Morris and I will be in Cape Town doing all of the orientation stuff for them. Yay.


-Elder Tekulve

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