03 June 2013

27 May 2013 - Marvin, Brother Clifford, Making a Difference

Hello family,
This week we have visited with some great people. The first was Marvin, who we met 3 weeks ago and gave a copy of the Book of Mormon. We met him Wednesday and he had read all of 1st Nephi and understood it very well! We talked for 2 hours answering questions and discussing mostly how he can know the Book of Mormon is true. He is sincerely and diligently looking for the truth.

Another is Brother Clifford who has a strong desire to come back to church, but has some fears. We helped him to replace fear with faith and I am also very excited fro him. He is a very good man and has a desire to continue on not only to church but to the Temple. It is in teaching people like this that is why I love mission. You can't make this kind of difference in people's lives anywhere else.

Basically now I have one month left. I know it will pass by so fast (just like the last 23 months did). I am trying to make the best of it that I can!
-Elder Tekulve

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