19 September 2011

05 September 2011 - Officially Spring in South Africa

The plaque in front of the church
05 September 2011

Hello friends and family,

I know a bit more about the rules now and I know that we're only supposed to e-mail family and they can forward it to others. So I have an idea. Dad can start a blog or something where he can put all my e-mails and pictures I send. Then he'll forward the address to everyone in the 'To' field up above. Once I get word that's done I'll only be directly e-mailing my parents, step parents, and siblings. Maybe my grandparents too.

The package I got - it was large

I got Mom's and Brother Kelley's package last Tuesday. The hymnbook is very helpful, and is that tie from Germany? Also thanks very much for the snacks. The Chex Mix disappeared very quickly.

It's officially spring now, though the weather is varying wildly. For one or two days it was pretty hot and wind-less then it got very very windy and cold. Whew.

"Don't do it kid! You've got your whole life ahead of you!"
For some reason, I imagine goats with Scottish accents.

I'll tell you about Uncle Ronald. I suppose technically he coloured but he's pretty dark skinned for a coloured guy. Anyway he wanders around and is old and bearded. He loves to see us and usually starts telling us stories about his family. Unfortunately he only speaks Afrikaans and I don't think he realizes we don't understand him. He's a bit mentally challenged but that's okay because he doesn't drink or do drugs and he's very nice. I haven't learned any Afrikaans yet because I've only met 2 coloured (Afrikaans) people who didn't speak English very well.
Some nice flowers

Otherwise we've been meeting looooots of people lately. It's a problem finding time to follow up on everyone. Among them are some humble and faithful people and some people who are just too susceptible to Satan's fiery darts to understand us. But I'm thankful for what I have.
Yesterday (Sunday) I resolved to share my testimony every fast Sunday for the rest of my mission. Only 21 more to go!

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  1. The TIE! The tiieeee. That's the tie!

    It's got the Berlin bear on it, Brennan. I've got one identical to it, eheh.


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