19 September 2011

30 June 2011 - Hello From Johannesburg

Elder Tekulve is in the back row, first on the left, at Heathrow Airport, England
30 June 2011 -

Hello family and friends! I am right now in the Johannesburg MTC and it is 8 PM.

Back at Heathrow, an hour and a half after my Facebook post, I saw a few Elders walking by and they took me to their group of 15 or so. That was where I waited for the flight to Johannesburg. We all posed and took a picture with everyone's camera.

The flight itself wasn't too bad, but by the time we got there I had gotten about 3 or 4 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. There were some mixups and we ended up waiting an hour for someone who had already gone on to the MTC.

There are a lot of great guys here, but of course I'm still missing everyone back home more and more. Johannesburg is kind of comparable to a big inner city in the US. If there are houses downtown many of them have high walls and barbed or electrified fences. They look like fortresses. Oh it probably sounds like I'm rambing from subject to subject. I'm very tired and beyond that don't really know what you want to hear about. The MTC itself is very nice relative to everything else I saw on the way here. I am in one of the larger rooms with 3 other Elders, and I will include a picture when I write again on Saturday. My MTC companion is Elder Facer, in the very center wearing a red tie. If you want to send me pictures, make sure you resize them so they're not too big, the internet is a little sluggish here.

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