19 September 2011

02 July 2011 - First Saturday update, Day 3‏

Elders Tekulve and Faces at the Johannesburg SA MTC
02 July 2011
Saturday is my P-day at the MTC so that's when I'll be mailing. I took more photos this time too.

We've started the classes now and everything is going at a fast pace. I'm getting more used to it though. Still very homesick. Other than that I'm doing great though. The food is... edible. I mean it could be worse so I can't complain. There are 26 Elders here, about 1/3 are from various places in Africa. I think I can almost understand their accent. Something for my siblings: one of the Elders from Johannesburg looks exactly like Handsome Squidward. Last night we had an introduction session where everyone had to say something unique about themselves. The interesting ones were the sleepwalker who walked 10 miles from home in his sleep and was woken up by the police, the (more than one) person who dressed dead bodies for funerals, etc.
Many other elders here also went to a year of University. My companion Elder Facer did (see picture, he's on the right) and he said he doesn't envy my unexperience situation. I don't either.
Enjoy the pictures and the 10 trillion dollar bill. In Zimbabwe 10 trillion dollars can buy about 2 pairs of pants.

p.s.: I would like to hear from my siblings! :) I miss them too.

p.s.s: If you haven't sent any yet, please send packages to my Mission Center in Cape Town. The address is here.
South Africa Cape Town Mission
P.O. Box 181
Observatory 7935
Cape Town South Africa
Also, don't send anything of particular value, as it may be opened and examined.
-Elder Tekulve
LDS Missionary Training Center - Johannesburg SA


Johannesburg SA from the LDS MTC

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