19 September 2011

29 June 2011 - First Letter Home???

29 June 2011 10:03pm -

I can't remember my new hotmail password so here is my first letter home.  It is almost 5 PM here in London Heathrow airport and I found an Internet station.

The first thing I thought after watching my mom and siblings drive away was "Okay, where do I go now?" Then I walked several feet and suddenly missed everyone a whole lot. I haven't felt like that since first grade when I used to watch Mom drive away from the other side of the gate. Anyhow of course I didn't sleep a wink during the flight but managed to get an hour in here at the airport. Next flight leaves in 4 hours and is 10 and a half hours long. Wow.

There were a bunch of exchange students on the plane going home to Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland. I sat next to a Swiss guy named Joachim. The chim was pronounced like HEEM with a throaty kind of hacking noise. But we talked about mostly the history of the Gospel and religion. He was very curious.

I only have 40 seconds left so I'll just let you know I miss everyone but feel eager to get started.

-Elder Tekulve

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