19 September 2011

15 August 2011 - Super Secret Suprise

15 August 2011
Last Wednesday I was in East London and Elder Barker and I got to wander around a mall for an hour or so. I found these at Toys'R'Us. Kind of unexpected as I don't think you can get the show down here. Oh well.

Also attached is a picture of the flag I found. Mariah said it might be England? But hanging like that it reminds me of the crusaders.

To Mom-  I kind of told Elder Barker I would try to get him a belt buckle shaped like Texas. The bigger the better!

Elder Barker can't eat red meat so a lot of the meat we have is chicken or tuna. What good ways to prepare chicken and rice can you send me? With preference towards quicker recipes.  It is cold but only really cold at night. I have that raincoat so I'm okay.
A South African Treasure

The Flag of England

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