19 September 2011

09 July 2011 - Saturday, Day 10

09 July 2011[Referring to the last emai/post]: By unexperienced I mean that most of the elders here have been to a year of University and have experience dealing with homesickness, etc. I will say that just in the past week so much has changed. It doesn't feel like a week, that's for sure. I went into the MTC worrying about being anxious and homesick, and the first few days were very hard for me. I was fighting off panic attacks, it was like middle school all over again. But then I remembered that before I left I didn't worry about it because I had faith the Lord would help me do what He wants me to do. Remembering that faith, that Sunday I prayed and fasted for help to overcome. Later that day we saw an MTC Devotional from by Elder Jeffery R. Holand from January 2011. it hit me so hard and so personally that i was teary-eyed for over an hour afterwards. I might even say that it hurt a little bit. But the good thing is after that I've not felt homesick once. Now I'm starting to enjoy it a little actually. There are 27 elders here and they're all fun guys. Elder Twitchell (who Caleb Jones mentioned) and I are good friends as well.\

The camera is working out great, though it already has low batteries. No matter, AA batteries are easy to come by. I bought some shampoo when we all went to a little corner supermarket last Saturday. This Saturday we're going out proselyting with the Johannesburg missionaries. Other than that we're all stuck here at the MTC. Still, only one week and 2 days left. I'm very eager to get out in the field, as is everyone I've talked to.
Too bad about the Dodge. It's completely wrecked? Also please please take a lot of pictures and send me them with your stories about your time in Germany and Joa's time over here.
Here are some pictures. The second one is a bunch of elders playing a game called Signs. I had never heard of it before but it's pretty fun. The third picture is, from left to right, Brother Torr my favorite teacher, and my roommates Elder Magada and Elder Zarbock who I think looks a whole lot like Uncle David. Running out of time here, 20 minutes is woefully short to write an e-mail. Oh, and the first picture is just a random thing.

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