19 September 2011

01 August 2011 - Cape Town

Elders Bangerter, Nzuki and Bangerter, and
Elder Tekulve (seated)
01 August 2011

Hello everyone at home. I just got Mom's package this morning and it is awesome! Especially the Oreos. I think if you can't decide what to send think no further than CANDY. Haha. I don't need any more camera memory cards because I have another 6 GB after this one is full. And sorry I couldn't get pictures of my flat this morning but I just didn't have time! Next week I will. I do have pictures of the view from the Robinson's (senior couple) apartment though.

Last Friday was exchanges. We traded companions with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Bangerter from Pocatello Idaho and Elder Barker was with Elder Nzuki from Kenya. It was a challenge finding the addresses in the township but we did it. Pictured is Elder Barker, Nzuki, and Bangerter in the back. And me in the front of course. We don't have a washer as we said so we pay Sister Sphokazi Dayily to do it for us on Mondays. There is a laundromat but it is very overpriced. In fact a lot of things are overpriced here because everything has to be shipped in.

South African Coastline near Cape Town
Most of the day consists of visiting investigators and members, we hardly ever go tracting. And we have a car too so that's nice. Otherwise it takes at least 45 minutes to walk to the township. In addition to that walking such a distance after the sun goes down is a bad idea. So we are booked with appointments every hour from 10 to 8 or 9 except fro one hour for lunch. And always we're in the township. There are a lot of people here just waiting to hear from us. One guy named Tabiso was so eager he asked when he could be baptised almost before we introduced the subject. A man from Congo named Belge also seems to be nearing baptism. It's not uncommon to pick anyone from the streets and find someone eager to learn. No one has chased us with an axe yet (and that has happened before).

We also haven't eaten with any members yet. the Robinson's take us either out to eat or make lunch for us once a week. The week before last it was at an Applebees-like place called Tahoe Spur. It has silly Native American themed decorations but it was so delicious compared to the sandwitches, spaghetti, or chicken we usually make at home. Poor Elder Barker can't eat milk, yoghurt, or red meat.

oh yes, I need to remind myself about this other stuff. The Robinson's have a blog. Visit bunkanddian.blogspot.com . And gas/petrol is around $5.40/gallon!

You should have seen us getting our package. Elder Barker's aunt is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir so one of the things he got is the new CD they made. I think it's called This Is The Christ. We were both so excited.

Oh, can you send pictures of the Dodge? [that was totalled in the last week], I want to see how beat up it got, haha.

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